Sydney Paid Its Dues To Finance Experts

SIBOS visited Sydney on 22 October, bringing to the city’s International Convention Centre (ICC Sydney) 7,000 business leaders and decision-makers from around the world. Heralded as the world’s premier financial event, SIBOS in its 40th year ignited conversation between global banks, industry executives, entrepreneurs and academic experts. In its third visit to Sydney, the global meeting provided a timely platform to discuss and refine trending topics, while cementing Australia’s reputation as an innovative financial services hub.

Ahead of SIBOS, the NSW government met with heads of the world’s major finance and banking institutions in a gathering brokered by the NSW Department of Industry. What this concerted effort reflected was a recognition of the benefit to cities and industries that global meetings of this magnitude have. The collaboration between businesses, academics and disruptors not only result in new ideas and solutions, but also long-tail effects such as redefined practice, strengthened networks, and social change.

Head of SIBOS, Chantal Van Es said, “Sydney has a perfect intersection of energy, innovation, infrastructure and new ideas. The BESydney team have been our first point of contact for everything. They’re incredibly connected and put us in touch with all the right stakeholders. Through them we’ve met many different authorities and key local organisers to help make SIBOS 2018 in Sydney a success.”

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