Washington, DC Provides Access, Ideas and Innovation

According to the latest International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Statistics Report, Washington, DC is the #1 city in the USA for international association meetings. With 17 free-to-enter Smithsonian museums, historic landmarks, tech-friendly venues and artistically-appealing buildings, the city is one of the top destinations to host a meeting.

Washington, DC is dedicated to developing initiatives and investing in new opportunities by adding to its strong industries with $11.5 billion in development, 19 hotels in the pipeline and many new and renovated special events venues in the works. The city’s appeal and ease of access are unparalleled, making it a hot spot for the international business community and specifically its top international meetings markets: UK, India, Japan and China.

It’s all about the access, ideas and innovation that ensure your event will be a success in the U.S. capital. Learn more about how DC is a leading industry knowledge hub where meeting planners can gain unrivaled access to venture capitalists, government leaders, tech startups and cybersecurity experts.


Washington, DC is a top city for social entrepreneurs, the most educated city in the U.S. (U.S. Census Bureau) and offers unmatched access to federal government and policy leaders. In DC, your proximity to many federal agencies spurs advocacy. Meeting planners can connect directly with members of Congress, policy makers and government experts. The access also extends to a built-in delegate base and nearby stakeholders, so sponsorship dollars and exhibitors grow.

Leading Innovation

DC is home to a thriving startup scene of more than 1,000 tech startups (Business Insider). As data protection has become a hot-button issue, choosing a destination that cultivates young entrepreneurs for jobs in cybersecurity is even more important. The region is a top city for cybersecurity tech startups, and included over 27,000 cybersecurity job postings in 2015, far more than other tech cities (Burning Glass Technologies).

Skilled Workforce

New talent thrives in the nation’s capital. Local businesses create thousands of new jobs for underrepresented workers and entrepreneurs in the tech industry, fostering the most inclusive culture among tech cities on the East Coast. The region ranks number one in the U.S. for high-tech employment concentration, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and continues to grow as a destination for recruiting local talent. The concentrated workforce facilitates more potential attendees at your event.

Intellectual Capital

A neighboring region known as “DNA Alley” boasts 170 biotech companies with nearly 60,000 private sector and government employees. Meeting planners looking for a destination with prestigious research capabilities and science will find that DC is an area where pharma, medicine and biotech investment are rapidly growing.

To learn more and submit an RFP, visit washington.org/meetings.

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