Creating Legacies Without a Congress

15th September 2020

BestCities recently published a case study demonstrating how local hosts/associations can make international legacy even at the bidding stage and even if they don’t win the bid.

The SFBA (Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Association) created an international impact on the world beekeeping industry through their bid for Apimondia World Congress – even though they didn’t win.

By creating a local campaigning strategy that highlighted the incredible work of Serbia’s beekeeping and honey community to the world, the association managed to reach over 400,000 people with their online campaign, multiplying their $1000 investment by 49x times, and decreasing market share in fake honey by 8%. They didn’t win the bid, but the impact on the beekeeping industry was enormous.

“The alliance wanted to highlight this case study from our Incredible Impacts program as it demonstrates that legacy doesn’t just have to happen at the international conferences – there’s opportunity to make an impact through many avenues in our industry. The SFBA showed how even at the bidding stage, they could leave an international footprint on the beekeeping sector. And while they didn’t win the bid, through perseverance and collaboration they are even more prepared for the next one.” said Nigel Brown of BestCities and Incredible Impacts. 

The full case study is available here

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