Leaving a Lasting Impression

4th March 2020
The Netherlands plays host to hundreds of world-class association conferences each year, but what lasting influences do these events leave behind?
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Who Determines an Association’s Legacy?

26th February 2020
In this special contribution by our partner ESAE, Stylianos Filopoulos argues that association leaders aren’t the sole drivers of an association’s legacy—they’re the caretakers who protect the vision that inspires and unites members and stakeholders.
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BestCities’ Strategy for “The Congress of the Future”

7th January 2020
Last December, BestCities Global Forum took place in Copenhagen with the theme ‘Exploring the Congress of the Future – Fortifying Impact’ and attracted about 20 global associations, who all returned home with a tangible tool they can use for future strategies for their organizations.
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The ESTRO Engagement Project

23rd December 2019
A special video report from our partners at The Iceberg on ESTRO's Sven Bossu who explains the organization's focus on its mission to cure cancer and the role of the annual Congress at IBTM World's inaugural Policy and Practice Forum in Barcelona last month.
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A Toolkit for Medical Legacy

13th December 2019
This year has been an influential one for medical associations meeting in Glasgow. As a way to integrate the themes of each conference into the fabric of the city, Glasgow Convention Bureau launched the People Make Glasgow Healthier campaign, bringing the messages from a few key medical congresses into the community. 
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Creating Lasting Legacy in Kathmandu

15th November 2019
Kathmandu isn’t your typical conference destination: air connections are limited and usually require a stop in the Middle East or Asia, while hotels and local suppliers are another concern. But the Reproductive Health Supplies coalition (RHSC) gladly accepted these logistical challenges when planning the 19th RHSC General Membership Meeting 2019.
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