An Event With A Purpose – MTL Reunion

19th November 2020
Is your association all caught up with everything technology has to offer for your next meeting? Are you perhaps the kind of association that pays more attention in what a destination itself has to offer, even at times of the pandemic?
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Creating Legacies Without a Congress

15th September 2020
BestCities recently published a case study demonstrating how local hosts/associations can make international legacy even at the bidding stage and even if they don’t win the bid.
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Leaving a Creative Legacy with First Nations Culture

2nd June 2020
Australia’s Indigenous people have inhabited the island nation for at least 65,000 years, with some scientists believing their history goes back even further. A rich and variegated culture has developed over that time, and it’s one that ICC Sydney is keen to share with the world.
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Shaping Equality Starts in a Conference Room

4th May 2020
The positive, sought after impact of conferences is in harmony with Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) mission to pave the way for successful, disruptive association conferences that leave their mark on the state, in particular, and the country, as a whole.
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Leaving a Lasting Impression

4th March 2020
The Netherlands plays host to hundreds of world-class association conferences each year, but what lasting influences do these events leave behind?
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Who Determines an Association’s Legacy?

26th February 2020
In this special contribution by our partner ESAE, Stylianos Filopoulos argues that association leaders aren’t the sole drivers of an association’s legacy—they’re the caretakers who protect the vision that inspires and unites members and stakeholders.
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The ESTRO Engagement Project

23rd December 2019
A special video report from our partners at The Iceberg on ESTRO's Sven Bossu who explains the organization's focus on its mission to cure cancer and the role of the annual Congress at IBTM World's inaugural Policy and Practice Forum in Barcelona last month.
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