The Eventful Path to Association Leadership

13th January 2021
For AC Forum, Nicole Kaijser, Learning & Programme Officer at the European Association for International Education, together with Andreu Gusi, Executive Director of the European Blood Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Society, reflects on how to build your expertise as an association professional.
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Welcome to the Phygital World

12th November 2020
Franco Viviani, former President of the International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research, reflects on the rise of the phygital, which is supposed to bring the best of both worlds – but at what costs?
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Making Learning Intentional in The Turbulent Twenties

5th October 2020
Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, makes the case for why learning is a non-negotiable requirement in The Turbulent Twenties and how associations can make learning intentional both inside their organizations and externally through their business models.
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Growing in a Time of Brexit

19th February 2020
The European Social Network (ESN) has faced many challenges in the past years – the first one being a UK-based organization benefitting from European funds, which, in a time of Brexit, led the association to relocate in Brussels. Alfonso Lara Montero, Chief Executive, explains to Boardroom it was actually not the only issue ESN had to deal with.
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Building a Sustainable Brand for the Future

6th January 2020
Renata Lima Lerch, founder of Integrated Niche, a global and Agile Marketing think tank, argues it's the role of leaders to allocate a share of the organization’s attention from just improving the status quo to what lies ahead, in order for their association to be future-proof.
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Speaking the Language of Leadership

10th September 2019
The inaugural AC Forum and Leading Centres of Europe (LCE) collaborative learning experience in July took the theme of the language of leadership, with delegates joining forces to improve their communication skills.
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