Mastering the Art of Good Governance

21st March 2023
According to Denis McEvoy, AC Forum Secretary General, good governance can seem a daunting prospect; however, ultimately and quite simply, it facilitates the effectiveness and continuity of an association.
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A Tale of Two Governors

21st February 2023
According to Global Association Hubs' Martin Sirk, the potential harm caused by a single “bad governor” with significant influence is often neglected, despite being a leading cause of governance failures.
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The Unspoken Secret to Good Governance

6th February 2023
International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk argues that people rather than processes have by far the greatest impact on outcomes, whichever governance model is used.
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Associations in the World: Speaking Truth to Power

13th December 2021
As part of the exclusive partnership between Boardroom and the Union of International Associations, Cyril Ritchie, UIA President, argues that associations have a duty to speak the truth: this will lead efficient decision-making and better governance.
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Three Post-COVID Opportunities for Association Relevance

8th December 2021
In this special Boardroom contribution, Mary Byers, CAE and Harrison Coerver, authors of Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations, make the case for a leaner governance structure, a revised product line offer and a ‘digital first’ mindset.
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The United Nations & Civic Associations

10th November 2021
As part of the exclusive partnership between Boardroom and the Union of International Associations, Cyril Ritchie, UIA President, reviews the nature of Civic Associations and their role towards educating, raising awareness, better informing especially when it comes to the United Nations.
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Creating Safe Spaces to Support Agility

14th June 2021
For Boardroom,Tracy Bury, President, AC Forum, and Deputy CEO, World Physiotherapy argues that agility is critical to avoiding injury when it comes to changing direction – just look at sports. So, in what ways does this apply to associations?
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Building Agile Governance for Associations

10th May 2021
In this ever-changing environment in which we are living and working – and certainly not because of COVID-19 only – it was only natural for ESAE to run a webinar on ‘Building Agile Governance Models for Associations’, as Cecile Koch reports.
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Global Partnerships in the COVID-19 Era

29th March 2021
International association public affairs and advocacy specialist Tommy Goodwin identifies examples of association collaboration and innovation that have met the moment and delivered new types of value during difficult circumstances.
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GDPR: What You Need to Know About Codes of Conduct

18th March 2021
Frederique Jos, of law firm and Boardroom partner Kadrant, writes about GDPR and how trade associations and other representative bodies may draw up Codes of Conduct that identify and address data protection issues that are important to their members.
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