The Green Drive of Toulouse

27th April 2020
Globally renowned for its aeronautics and space industry, Toulouse is booming. In the area of sustainability, the city has also many assets up its sleeves, attracting the attention of European and international associations.
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The Dutch Touch

24th April 2020
In the first part of our Dutch series, we take a look at two destinations in Holland that are paving the way toward a sustainable future.
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Green as a Strategic Plan

20th April 2020
Known for its high quality of life, popular transit system and thriving finance industry, Zurich is constantly topping the lists ranking the most sustainable cities in the world.
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A City Making Green Improvements

16th April 2020
Although combating the coronavirus poses an exceptionally big challenge for the meeting industry, the Congress Center Basel (CCB) also recognizes the opportunities that this crisis is opening up.
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A Smart Country Leads by Example

9th April 2020
In Luxembourg, the people, locals and expats alike, and, as a consequence, its government have the greatest respect for their surroundings, thus making sustainability a mantra to live by in every aspect, both personal and business.
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The Green Commitment of La Cité Nantes Congress Centre

7th April 2020
It’s clearly because of its outstanding efforts in the area of sustainability, which made it the European Green Capital back in 2013, that Nantes is standing out. As for the matter, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre has made it easy for associations to organize eco-friendly events.
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