A New Sustainability Guide for Copenhagen

18th May 2021

With solutions and strategic thoughts on next-generation events and congresses that leaves no-one behind, the guide underlines congress city’s persistent focus on green legacy,

The Copenhagen Sustainability Guide has been developed by Copenhagen CVB, and offers a holistic, hands-on approach to staging sustainable business events in the city. The guide is a natural extension of the destination’s overall ‘Tourism for Good Strategy 2030’, and it urges planners, associations, organisations, companies, and others to pursue future events with a lasting sustainable and positive impact on society.

In Copenhagen, we work with sustainable solutions and legacy work on many levels. Throughout the years, we have gained huge expertise within this field, and new ideas and perspectives on next-gen sustainable events are therefore always high on our agenda. Our Copenhagen Legacy Lab, launched in 2019, and this hands-on sustainability guide are only two examples out of many on how we continue to build and share thoughts and tips on future regenerative, resilient, and responsible event planning with the outside world, to create a lasting positive impact,” explained Kit Lykketoft, Director of Copenhagen CVB.

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