AI Conference Finds Its Place in London

4th May 2023

London ExCeL has been selected by Chatbot Summit to host their annual in-person conference and expo from 11-12 October 2023.

The 2,000 delegates and 50 exhibitors that are expected will have the opportunity to connect with the local AI sector which boasts some 1,300 companies.

After the launch of the ground-breaking ChatGPT, the city has attracted more interest in Conversational AI solutions and has been voted the ‘world’s most AI-driven city’ in a recent study by the Business Name Generator – making it an ideal choice for the Summit.

Yoav Barel, CEO & Founder of Chatbot Summit, said: “London’s unique positioning as a home for some of the world’s leading brands, top academic institutions, and a vibrant startup ecosystem makes it an ideal location for the summit. This move provides us with an exciting opportunity to further our mission to accelerate Conversational AI by bringing together the best and brightest in the field and providing a platform for collaboration and growth.”

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