Amsterdam: A Beacon of Innovation for Sustainable Meetings

8th December 2023

In the dynamic landscape of international conferences, Amsterdam stands proudly as a guiding light for positive inspiration. Under the campaign banner "Amsterdam. Inspiration For Good," the city has become a frontrunner in hosting sustainable and impactful events. Beyond its scenic beauty, Amsterdam is indeed emerging as a prime destination for conferences and meetings that drive positive impact and innovation.

Words Remi Deve

Amsterdam’s strategic position in Europe, along with its outstanding connectivity, propels it to the forefront of international meetings and conventions. As the 6th-ranked city for Urban Mobility Readiness and 2nd for Sustainable Mobility, Amsterdam ensures event professionals seamless access to the city via convenient and sustainable transport options. This includes a robust cycling culture and eco-friendly public transportation, implemented since 2019, allowing event professionals to prioritize a reduced carbon footprint. 

Seamless connections

Amsterdam offers meeting planners a dual advantage by leveraging its international rail infrastructure as a green alternative to short-haul flights, promoting environmentally friendly practices. For longer distances, the city ensures easy accessibility through its globally recognized Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which tops the charts for global direct connectivity. 

In the digital realm, Amsterdam stands out as a powerhouse, offering expansive and super-fast 4G internet coverage. Recognized in the top 5 for digital growth in the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) and boasting the title of the 2ndlargest internet exchange point in Europe, the city provides event planners with a technologically advanced environment. This enables the smooth facilitation of reliable hybrid meetings and virtual programming, ensuring seamless connections with attendes worldwide. 

For event professionals committed to environment-friendly practices, Amsterdam becomes an ideal choice. With over 500 authentic and modern venues dedicated to advancing sustainability, the city offers a meaningful backdrop for impactful events. Amsterdam’s commitment extends to accommodations, with 90+ green-certified hotels and 37,000+ rooms ready to host conference visitors. Venues like the Green Globe-Certified Beurs van Berlage and EXPO Greater Amsterdam exemplify sustainability through features like intelligent energy management and plant-based catering. This comprehensive commitment ensures meeting planners can effortlessly align their events with sustainable initiatives, creating impactful and environmentally conscious gatherings.

But this dedication to sustainability goes beyond infrastructure, extending to the city’s extensive knowledge network and collaborative innovation hubs, establishing Amsterdam as a centre for cutting-edge advancements in various industries including food, smart mobility, life sciences or health and energy transition. Conference programs can easily tap into local expertise to increase their event impact and foster collaboration with leaders at the forefront of their industry. 

Walking the talk

Amsterdam’s success in hosting impactful events is showcased through recent successes like The Next Web 2023, WasteBuild Zero 2023, and Plant FWD 2023. These events not only align with Amsterdam’s overarching sustainability goals but also drive positive change within their respective industries. They focused on reducing carbon emissions, promoting circular building solutions, and advancing plant-based alternatives, respectively.

“One of the reasons we’re in Amsterdam is because of the leadership that Dutch architects and Dutch built environment is demonstrating when it comes to your circular economy roadmap,” said Frazer Stokes, Founder of WasteBuild Zero.

For international meeting planners and associations seeking destinations for innovative and sustainable business events, Amsterdam provides a seamless planning experience. Supported by the Amsterdam Convention Bureau (ACB), the city ensures every detail, from logistics to accommodations, is meticulously handled. The collaborative network of local partners and service providers enhances the ease of planning, allowing organizers to focus on the content and impact of their events.

Ultimately, Amsterdam is strategically positioning itself as an ideal conference destination, where innovation, creativity, and sustainability converge. Tailored for associations seeking to inspire positive change, the Dutch capital provides an unparalleled backdrop for conferences with a meaningful purpose. Whether it’s organizations dedicated to social impact, environmental responsibility, or community development, Amsterdam welcomes conferences that align with these values. 

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