Amsterdam: Inspiring Meetings for Good 

25th September 2023

Amsterdam needs no introduction as a top destination for business events. Known for its modern infrastructure, thriving knowledge ecosystem, and steadfast commitment to sustainability, the city, driven by the "Amsterdam. Inspiration For Good." concept, offers a perfect backdrop for meetings that aim to make a positive impact.

Words Remi Deve

In Amsterdam, innovation and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords; they’re a way of life. This ethos permeates numerous facets of the city’s growing economy, offering meeting and association planners a wealth of ideas and tailored solutions.

Amsterdam, the picturesque Dutch capital, places an unwavering focus on sustainability within its transportation ecosystem. Its commitment extends to facilitating eco-conscious European travel with high-speed train connections. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol stands as a global leader in both connectivity and environmental stewardship. Meanwhile, the city’s urban mobility landscape, featuring a fleet of electric buses and a network of expansive bike lanes, plays a pivotal role in minimizing carbon emissions. These collective efforts position Amsterdam among the world’s foremost cities for sustainable mobility, as attested by its strong standing in the Urban Mobility Readiness Index.

Sustainability for Business Events

Amsterdam also seamlessly incorporates sustainability into its business event venues and accommodations. From historic locations to state-of-the-art convention centers, the city offers over 500 contemporary and authentic options. Over 90 nearby green-certified hotels cater to events of all sizes. Venues like the Green Globe-Certified Beurs van Berlage and EXPO Greater Amsterdam exemplify Amsterdam’s commitment to sustainability with features like intelligent energy management and plant-based catering.

Amsterdam’s robust knowledge ecosystem, with prestigious universities, research centers, and open innovation platforms, fosters creativity and sustainable solutions. Encouraging collaboration among innovative industries in food, smart mobility, life sciences and health to the energy transition, conference programs can easily tap into local expertise to increase their event impact. 

From hubs like Amsterdam Science Park and Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam grants conference organizers opportunities for seamless cooperation between researchers, international companies, startups and scaleups for high-level innovation. Think cutting-edge research in AI, data science, life sciences, high-tech systems, and sustainability (from circular economy to climate change mitigation) .

Cases in point

Amsterdam doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. Recent events like The Next Web conference, WasteBuild Zero 2023, and the Plant Forward conference underscore the city’s commitment to impact-driven events that are agents of change for visitors and inhabitants alike. These gatherings focused on reducing carbon emissions, promoting circular building solutions, and advancing plant-based alternatives, respectively.

“One of the reasons we’re in Amsterdam is because of the leadership that Dutch architects and Dutch built environment is demonstrating when it comes to your circular economy roadmap,” said Frazer Stokes, Founder of WasteBuild Zero.

The Amsterdam Convention Bureau (ACB) plays a pivotal role in the success of impactful conferences. The ACB leverages its extensive network within the city to assist meeting planners with infrastructure, transportation, venues, and access to thought leaders, to empower purpose-driven events across various leading industries.

Amsterdam has cultivated a unique conference destination that thrives on innovation, creativity, and sustainability. Associations seeking inspiration and a different perspective will find in Amsterdam the ideal setting for their next conference—for good.

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