An Invitation to Join the Spanish Spirit & Energy Tour in Brussels

8th February 2024

The captivating allure of Spanish destinations is set to take center stage in Brussels as the Spain Convention Bureau (CVB), in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Board in Brussels, orchestrates the much-anticipated "Spanish Spirit and Energy Tour." On Wednesday 20 March. This immersive event is tailored exclusively for association executives, aiming to showcase the appeal of a diverse array of Spanish destinations for their future meetings and events.

Words Remi Deve

Building upon the success of a virtual event in June 2021, the organizers have fine-tuned their approach to strike a balance between business talks, engaging content, and a touch of fun, recognizing the Spanish ability to communicate uniquely and joyfully, even under pressure! The event’s lighthearted atmosphere is expected to be fostered by each participating destination, ensuring a vibrant and enjoyable experience.

Beyond the ordinary, the organizers have challenged each city to craft a human-to-human message that transcends standard factual arguments and touristic information. This personalized touch aims to resonate with the participants and create a memorable connection to the Spanish spirit.

To capture the attention of busy association executives, the event aims to provide content with depth and relevance, directly impacting their management and decision-making processes. The preliminary program is meticulously designed to offer a perfect blend of serious content, high-energy encounters, and delightful culinary experiences.

Program Highlights

The Spanish Spirit and Energy Tour will unfold over a half afternoon and evening, allowing participants to balance their office commitments while immersing themselves in the program. Here’s a glimpse of the agenda:

  1. Participants Arrival (14:30 – 15:00): Welcoming association executives to the Spanish journey.
  2. Brief Intro and Welcome (15:00 – 15:05): Setting the stage for a day of discovery.
  3. Getting to Know Each Other (15:05 – 15:25): Ice-breaking session to foster connections.
  4. Board Games (15:25 – 16:20): Four rounds of Parcheesi and dominoes to infuse the Spanish spirit.
  5. Break with a Snack (16:20 – 16:40): A moment to refresh and recharge.
  6. Workshop (16:40 – 18:30): Participants can choose between AI for associations or CO2 offset for events, exploring cutting-edge topics with practical applications.
  7. Walking Dinner (18:30 – 19:30): Networking opportunity with one-on-one talks encouraged.
  8. More Board Games (19:30 – 20:05): Three rounds to amplify the fun.
  9. Extended One-on-One Talks (20:05 – 21:00): Further discussions and connections.
  10. Unlimited Fun and Networking (21:00 onwards): Drinks, light bites, and informal conversations continue until the night concludes.

Participating Spanish destinations include: Barcelona Convention BureauBilbao Convention BureauIbiza Convention BureauMadrid Convention BureauMalaga Convention BureauSalamanca Convention BureauSantander Convention BureauSantiago de Compostela Convention BureauValencia Convention BureauValladolid Turismo y Eventos, and Zaragoza Congresos.

Moderated by David Benitez and Mike van der Vijver, On Behalf of CoCoA and MindMeeting, the Spanish Spirit and Energy Tour promises a unique blend of professionalism, innovation, and the warmth that defines Spanish hospitality – an event where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwine. Association executives can anticipate a day filled with meaningful content, networking opportunities, and the promise of discovering the allure of Spanish destinations for their future events.

To register, click here.

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