Antwerp Tunnels into the Future with World Congress 2027

3rd May 2024

Antwerp, Belgium has been selected to host the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) from April 23 to 29, 2027, marking the event’s first time in Belgium.

This announcement, made at the WTC 2024 in Shenzhen, China, highlights Belgium’s emerging prominence in the global tunnel and underground construction industry.

The Congress, organised by the Belgian Tunnel Association (ABTUS-BVOTS) and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), with AIM Group Belgium as the PCO, is expected to attract over 2,700 experts across civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure.

Tadeja Pivc Coudyser, CEO of Antwerp Convention Bureau, said: “Through Antwerp’s new brand, ‘The City is Your Venue,’ we aim to integrate the vibrancy and cultural richness of our city into every aspect of the congress. Delegates and organisers will experience a seamless blend of professional engagement and urban hospitality, truly showcasing that in Antwerp, the entire city transforms into your venue. This congress will serve as a perfect example of how effectively our bureau can facilitate major international events, making them a memorable experience for all participants.”

The event will showcase significant projects like the Oosterweel link, demonstrating Belgium’s commitment to advancing underground construction technologies.

Arnold Dix, President of ITA, stated: “I look forward to participating in the congress in Antwerp. A blend of historical heritage, modern technology, innovative engineering, and cultural significance characterises Belgium’s underground infrastructure.”

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