Applications Are Open for the European Association Awards 2024

18th January 2024

The European Society of Association Executives has announced the opening for applications to receive the 2024 European Association Awards.

The European Association Awards are set to take place during the European Association Summit in 2024, honoring outstanding projects.

The awards recognize initiatives that often work behind the scenes, aiming to share best practices and strengthen the Association community.

“Each award, from Impact to Digital Communication, Event Transformation, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, highlights inspiring projects that drive our collective vision forward. It’s a tribute to those transformative ideas and the dedicated individuals who often remain behind the scenes, shaping a more dynamic and inclusive future for our Associations,” said Liesbeth Switten, Chair of the European Association Awards 2024.

As last year, four categories will be recognized:

  1. Impact Award: Recognizing projects focused on an Association’s overarching vision and values, such as Legacy initiatives, charity work, or policy changes.
  2. Digital Communication Award: Celebrating innovative use of digital tools to optimize outreach and represent member interests.
  3. Event Transformation Award: Highlighting innovation in redesigning association meetings and events for inclusivity, efficiency, and sustainability.
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awards: Honoring projects promoting DEI principles internally or externally.

Applications for the awards are now open, providing associations the chance to showcase transformative initiatives.

The ceremony promises to bring together visionaries from the Association Community to celebrate excellence and inspire a collective vision for the future.

Get more information on how to apply here.

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