Applications Open: Seize the Opportunity to Make a Lasting Impact

8th February 2024

Nominate your association for the Incredible Impacts Award and be recognized for the transformative work you’re doing.

Organized by ICCA and BestCities, the award celebrates associations that are making a difference, leaving a legacy, and shaping the future of communities worldwide.

With last year’s winners, like the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) and the European Cyclists’ Federation, setting exemplary standards, the stage is set for your association to step into the spotlight of excellence.

The award not only brings global recognition but also offers a significant $20,000 prize, which can further fuel your initiatives and extend your reach.

But that’s not all. For associations in the early stages of their impact journey, ICCA and BestCities are offering a seed fund grant of USD $5,000.

This grant is a crucial opportunity to kickstart your initiatives and propel your association toward greater success.

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