Australia Launches Groundbreaking Sustainable Tourism Initiative

15th December 2023

In November 2023, the Australian Government, in collaboration with States and Territories, introduced the National Sustainability Framework for the Visitor Economy and Sustainable Tourism Toolkit.

Pioneering in the Australian context, the framework aims to establish a shared understanding of sustainable tourism, positioning Australia as a global leader in the sector.

The Sustainable Tourism Toolkit offers practical guidance to businesses, facilitating the implementation of sustainable practices.

As part of the launch, Tourism Australia and EarthCheck released communication guides to assist operators and destinations in effectively showcasing their sustainability efforts globally.

Aligned with the THRIVE 2030 strategy, the framework outlines four pillars: Managed Approach to Sustainability; Environmental and Climate Action; Respecting Culture; Creating Positive Social Impact.

The ambition is for Australia to lead in sustainable tourism, with businesses protecting the environment, respecting cultures, and empowering local communities.

The Sustainable Tourism Toolkit focuses on managing sustainability, creating social impact, and environmental, climate action in tourism, respecting culture in tourism, promoting sustainable businesses and developing a sustainability action plan.

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