Austria Center Vienna Enters The New Year Refreshed

6th January 2022

After renovations of the danubeSAIL and the new Panorama Walk, Austria Center Vienna is now focusing on modernisation of its landmark entrance hall. Scheduled for completion at the end of 2022, the hall will cover around 1,800m², a space enhanced with digital elements.

The plans include the introduction of light-coloured materials and newly created anchor points, accompanied by a customisable LED lighting system, which will offer more variety for clients. New digital branding spaces will be placed around the hall, while all media will be managed and monitored centrally for the first time, features that add to the Center‘s sustainability goals.

“Modernisation of the interior spaces is crucial for future congresses. And here, we are putting a special focus on our entrance hall. This is the most frequently rented part of the building as it is not only suitable as a reception and participant registration zone, but also as a central exhibition and networking space,” confirmed Managing Director and Management Board Spokeswoman Susanne Baumann-Söllner.

Halls E and F, among the most-frequently rented spaces at the congress centre, are next in line for refurbishing.

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