Best Conference Location Award For Maastricht

27th January 2022

The recent renovation was considered a success at MECC, Maastricht’s brand-new conference centre. The recognition came through the the annual Meeting Awards to the best meeting and event venues in the Netherlands, where MECC received the Best Conference Location for 2021. Completed last June, the renovation is expected to attract more international conferences to the centre and will have a positive financial impact on the city and a boost of development for the surrounding area.

“Winning this award feels like the icing on the cake. We are extremely proud of our new conference centre and the possibilities we can offer. We have been receiving rave reviews recently for our renovated conference centre from several international event organisers. It’s a great feeling to see these positive reactions from our clients get confirmed today with the national “Best Conference Location” award,” says Frank Mimpen, Commercial Director of MECC Maastricht.

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