BIAF Program Revealed

14th February 2022

On March 14-15 2022 representatives of international and European Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Societies and NGOs will gather at Maison de la Poste in Brussels. The aim of the Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF) is to provide knowledge transfer, to enable peer-to-peer exchange and share best practices.

On the first day of the meeting attendees will have the opportunity to get better in their professional field following Paul Rulkens speech. In the five sessions that follow delegates will work on good governance skills, inspiring team leadership, association diversity and philanthropy, and membership strength.

The second day will start with a speech from Harry Demey on the importance of brand creation. Eight interesting sessions await the participants after that. Revenue diversification, community building, advocacy and campaigning, and the second part of philanthropy will get everyone thinking how they can apply this knowledge to their organization. A masterclass on communications, strategies on event sponsorship and pricing, and digital transformation will complete the day, leaving everyone inspired.

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