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Boardroom MiniCourses: New Tech & Strategy Courses Available

23rd July 2020

The portfolio of Boardroom MiniCourses is steadily growing, with about 30 short, high-quality educational videos available online.

Now available are:

Standout Strategy: Be Exceptional Through Technology, by Juanita Vorster

Associations must consider far more than just membership management systems. Using a variety of technology can help any association become exceptional.

Sustainable Strategy: The Importance of Relevance in Associations, by Juanita Vorster

The strategy – and supporting budget – must make it possible for the CEO of the association to strike a balance between getting NOW money and generating NEW money.

The Why & How of Hybrid Events, by Marc Mekki

By the time face-to-face events do return, the world will have changed. As associations discover the benefits of scale, speed and cost-effectiveness inherent to virtual events, they will want to amplify their real-world events with a virtual component to boost attendance and engagement while driving more value to sponsors.

3 Powerful AI Tools for Associations, by Marc Mekki

By 2025 there will be no software tools left that don’t incorporate some form of artificial intelligence or machine learning. Consequently, there will be no associations that don’t leverage the power of AI in some form, knowingly or unknowingly. The first crop of highly sophisticated tools are already well established and can dramatically boost productivity while lowering your overhead and keeping your team happy.

Get started today, register here and you will have access to all Boardroom MiniCourses.

NB: One subscription per association is valid for all staff working within the association.

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