Brisbane’s Global Case Study in Sustainable Growth

25th March 2024

The significant milestone of winning the bid to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in July 2021 marks a turning point in Brisbane's journey. The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) new selection criteria, emphasizing sustainability (the 2032 Games must be the most sustainable ever held) and requiring 80% of venues to be in place, aligns with Brisbane's commitment to being a global leader in sustainability.

Words Vicky Koffa

This sustainability remit extends beyond the games themselves, encompassing environmental, social, and industrial aspects. Brisbane is eager to meet this challenge, given its status as a hub for world-leading research and technology development in areas such as bioeconomy, sustainable plant fuels, biomedical manufacturing, critical minerals, energy transition, quantum applications, and artificial intelligence.

Brisbane’s universities, with their pioneering research in these fields, position the city as a microcosm of global economic opportunities and challenges in the transition from traditional industries and energy resources. The journey to 2032 is a case study in city and state evolution, with a focus on creating new industry value chains and transitioning entire communities historically reliant on traditional farming and mining sectors for jobs.

“Having a journey of over eight ears, as a city, to that magic deadline of the Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in mid2032 is really like being a ‘case study in action’! We know that industry, the knowledge community and their international peak bodies will be watching Brisbane over the coming years to see how we leverage our deep technology and innovation smarts in sectors that need global solutions,” said Alison Gardiner, Director of Sales, Strategy & Partnership at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

The BCEC, in collaboration with government and city partners, is actively shaping Brisbane’s future since the upcoming sports event is already creating legacy. The city’s selection as the host for the 2032 Olympics has generated a sense of unity and purpose, with all levels of government, universities, and industry working in tandem to maximize the opportunities this global event brings. The heightened awareness of Brisbane on the world stage opens doors for international conferences to contribute to the city’s technological, social, and environmental innovations.

Looking Forward: Accelerating Global Solutions

Brisbane’s current era is marked by excitement and anticipation, fueled by the belief that the city has a unique opportunity to contribute to global solutions. Hosting conferences that bring together industries from around the world is a key strategy to accelerate progress in various fields. The city, like a living case study in action, looks forward to sharing its developments, innovations, and progress on this transformative journey.

“Conferences and business events that showcase and share innovations in those areas are key vehicles to show the world how we are progressing and how that translates to real world outcomes. It is truly a privilege for BCEC to work with all of our partners to attract these events that contribute to global solutions,”concluded Gardiner.

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