Brussels Welcomes The Association Place

13th November 2023

Brussels, the bustling European capital, is gearing up to welcome a new addition to its vibrant landscape - The Association Place (TAP). This exciting initiative by Convention & Association Bureau is poised to become the go-to hub for international associations, offering a wealth of resources and opportunities.

Words Remi Deve


Nestled at the heart of the European district, The Association Place is set to open its doors before the year’s end. This project represents a significant step in’ long-standing strategy to prioritize the international associations sector. Notably, the project received support from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, underlining its commitment to this dynamic community.

The Association Place aims to foster col- laboration and connection among interna- tional associations. It serves as a platform to promote partner activities and highlight the array of business services available for associations. Moreover,, which will manage the place, has designed an engaging yearly program of activities within the walls of TAP. This includes partner knowledge events and tailored networking gatherings.

In that regard, The Association Place is the city’s premier first-stop shop for inter- national associations, offering an wide variety of specialized services. One of its key features is providing a single point of contact for associations seeking informa- tion about services and stakeholders in Brussels. The Convention & Association Bureau’s expert team is ready to offer invaluable insights into various aspects of association business activities and events.

Registration to TAP is exclusively tailored for association executives, whether they’re based in Brussels or abroad, seeking a cen- tral hub for their advocacy and activities.

International associations have a sig- nificant impact on our destination that extends beyond their direct economic con- tributions, such as the creation of jobs and the generation of overnight stays through their meetings,” says CEO Patrick Bontinck. “Non-profits organiza- tions and professional societies play a key role in the European democratic process by providing decision-makers with con- solidated data and positions for the sector they represent. By providing a dedicated physical space for them, we encourage dialogue and international exchanges. TAP will be a place where associations can feel safe and ignite that flame that will spark positive change.”

In addition, TAP will offer a unique ben- efit – the chance to tap into a vibrant professional community. Whether you’re based in Brussels, in Europe, or abroad, you can rent this space – at a preferred rate – for co-working or your board meetings, seminars, trainings or network- ing events, and thus effortlessly become part of a dynamic network comprising more than 40,000 individuals deeply engaged in European affairs.


But The Association Place is more than just a physical space; it’s a testament to Brussels’ commitment to nurturing and supporting the international associa- tions that call the city home. It’s a place where collaboration thrives, knowledge is shared, and connections are forged.

TAP is set to become the epicenter for international associations in Brussels, further solidifying the city’s position as the top global hub for associations. As the doors open later this year, associations both within and beyond Brussels’ borders can look forward to a thriving community and a wealth of resources to fuel their missions.

For now, associations have the chance to register before the year concludes, pre- senting a unique opportunity. By taking advantage of this offer, they gain access to a valuable perk: an additional 10 accesses each year, supplementing the 20 accesses already included in the subscription package. This proposition not only ampli- fies an organization’s accessibility but also enhances the overall experience, enabling them to fully leverage the dynamic envi- ronment that this international associa- tions hub provides.


Brussels boasts a unique standing when it comes to hosting international associ- ations. The city is home to over 2,400 international associations, making it the world’s number one association city.

With its strategic location, the capital city of Belgium – and Europe – serves as a focal point for decision-making, policy advocacy, and networking for a myriad of industry sectors. The city’s reputation as a leading centre for associations is bol- stered by its status as the headquarters of numerous international organizations, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, and NATO.

The presence of these influential insti- tutions has attracted a diverse range of associations to set up their offices and hold their meetings and conferences in Brussels. The city offers a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and transnational cooperation. Associations based in Brus- sels benefit from the proximity to policy-makers, stakeholders and journalists, allowing them to actively engage in shaping European and international agendas.

This proximity brings together experts, professionals, and thought leaders from various fields, creating unique opportuni- ties for networking, partnership building, and innovative problem-solving.


For those considering hosting interna- tional events, Convention & Association Bureau offers dedicated assistance. This includes support in event bidding, industry-specific networking, event development, and participant hosting. With specialized tools dedicated to event organization, finding the perfect location or service provider is a breeze.

In addition, associations looking to max- imize their presence in Brussels can tap into a range of free online resources tailored to meet their needs. From comprehensive guides on legal implications to thematic summaries covering areas like accounting, recruitment, and banking, to a directory of service providers, associations are well-supported.

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