Calculate Your Carbon Footprint in Tokyo

24th March 2023

Business Events Tokyo at the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) has launched a useful tool to help event organisers measure their carbon impact on the environment.

The “CO2 Emissions of Your Business Event” is easy to use and designed so the user can follow seven simple steps of inputting primary data to get the results on how much CO2 was emitted.

Summarised and detailed reports are available for download when the calculation is completed so that attendees have a clear picture and are encouraged to take action to have a more sustainable event.

Senior Director of Business Events Tokyo Team, Kazuko Toda, said: “We are aware that holding business events has environmental impacts, but we also understand and promote the importance of people meeting in person and sharing the excitement of gathering in one place. We often hear from organizers and meeting planners that they are aware of the importance of paying attention to sustainability, but they do not know where to start. We hope this tool will be a springboard for organizers and the local industry to start thinking about what they can change from what they have been doing until now and to be more conscious about the environment.”

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