Commitment To Net Zero For Scottish Event Campus

21st March 2022

Building on the NetZeroCarbon Events pledge which launched during COP26, the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) has announced its commitment to become carbon-free by 2030. This announcement follows the venue’s previous actions of getting electricity 100% from renewable sources and a sustainable food strategy using 80% local produce and recyclable packaging.

In order to achieve the net zero goal, the venue is following an ambitious energy strategy to help with the transition. Actions around water efficiency, green travel, supply chain engagement and waste management are also being implemented. 

Peter Duthie, Chief Executive of the SEC, commented: “More than ever we are focused on the impact our business has on the planet. As the proud host venue of COP26 we are fully committed to becoming net zero by 2030, and to taking a central role in supporting Glasgow’s ambitious targets. We recognise how significant a challenge this is, but we are determined to reach this goal.  We have the vision and an excellent team, deep in planning mode, to get us there.” 

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