Connecting the Whole Value Chain

30th September 2021

Luxembourg might well be one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, offering more than just a place for diplomats. In fact, as a knowledge hub tucked away between Germany, France and Belgium, the Grand Duchy has many assets up its sleeves, attracting the attention of European and international associations – starting with AIPC, which will host its 2023 Annual Conference there.

A country full of contrasts, Luxembourg is well connected to the major European cities and hubs, whether by car, train or plane. Boasting a trilingual and multicultural population of more than 600,000, it has historically been open to the world: thanks to the country’s role as a centre of business, European capital and home to the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Auditors and the Secretariat of the European Parliament, it’s hosted EU summits and diplomats from around the world, and is no stranger to organizing large-scale events. 

No wonder AIPC, the Global Association of Convention Centres, will organize its 2023 Annual Congress at the European Conference Center Luxembourg (ECCL), the very home to the European Council meetings. Centrally located, with easy access to the city centre thanks to free public transport, the ECCL is surrounded by 785 hotel rooms all at walking distance, numerous restaurants, 2 museums, shopping facilities and a concert hall.

“We were very impressed by the design of the venue and the innovative approach the ECCL applies when mapping requirements and service offer, by creating a true partnership with AIPC and by involving all local stakeholders” explains Sven Bossu, President of AIPC. “I am sure attending the 2023 Annual Conference at the ECCL will be a unique experience, combining a high-quality program with an equally high-quality setting.” 

 If modern and well-equipped conference infrastructure to suit any requirements – like that of the ECCL – are key to success, Luxembourg also prospers today because of the talent of its people and their ability to innovate. The country has understood that its competitiveness in a modern world is increasingly reliant upon effective innovation networks – and experts in many areas of endeavors are everywhere to be found.

Luxembourg is a place of knowledge where local specialists and key players from sectors across the board work closely to each other, a place where congresses and conferences are bolstered by the proximity of influential people who are making a positive impact on the world. 

In this regard, Luxembourg Convention Bureau is here to help. The moment you choose Luxembourg for your conference, they will do their utmost to put you in touch with the right people from your sector, ensuring your event will be a success, reaching out to people, organizations and businesses nowhere else to be found. As a one-stop shop providing impartial advice, they will work hard to find the best event organizers, service providers, and everyone you need so that your event boasts these special added values that will make a difference.

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