Conference Design

An Introduction to Facilitation Methods

What a pity we leave our meeting participants to fend for themselves most of the time! A facilitator is such a useful professional to help them achieve better outcomes – whether it is for their learning, or for networking. That is what this Boardroom MiniCourse by Mike van de Vijver on Facilitation during association meetings is about.

Mike has almost 25 years’ experience in the meeting industry, initially as conference interpreter and subsequently as Meeting Designer through Mindmeeting, the company he co-founded. In addition, he is an executive consultant and coach on national and organisational culture. Mike regularly provides content at international conferences. Furthermore, Mike was also a former member of the board of the Italian Chapter of MPI, a former member of Itim, the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management and former Board member of Congrestolkensecretariaat (Conference Interpreters) of Amsterdam. He lives both in Italy and the Netherlands.

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