How to Communicate with Your Members During Crisis

The pandemic created great uncertainty in all the areas of our lives and affected as well the associations and their relations with their members. During such a crisis, your members have concerns about the future of your association. Having a crisis communication plan in place will keep your members engaged during crisis, and help you carry your association through any crisis with a renewed sense of purpose and trust.

While introducing you to crisis communication, this Boardroom MiniCourse by Bade Kızılaslan gives you a handful of tips to navigate the impacts of the pandemic on your members.

Bade Kızılaslan is a communication and public relations specialist with experience in associations and news media. She develops communication strategies for associations.  These strategies include social media management, membership engagement, partnerships with peer organisations, managing press relations and organising promotional events. Driven by a passion for communication and storytelling, she founded Pera PR & Communication Consultancy to provide outsourced services to associations. She is currently in charge of communication and events of a Brussels based trade association. 

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