Conference Design

Human 2 Human Interactions in Events

We all agree that association events move humans to meet other humans for a common purpose. Why, then, are we experiencing “factory style” association events that move participantss around like if they were products? Are we treating members as a mere “delegate # 453” or do we think of that same delegate as a human being with his/her own human values that could contribute to the group and enhance learning and networking?

In this Boardroom MiniCourse by David Benitez you will learn some tips to bring out a humane way of designing association events for greater positive impact.

In 2015, David Benitez founded CoCoA – a B2B experimental marketing events consultation company that provide designed programmes in the business events world. He helps design and curate some of Jacob Media Group´s (JMG) face to face events and virtual programmes in order to create rich, long-term partnerships for the benefit of JMG´s stakeholders. CoCoA also partners with Mindmeeting in providing event content design and therefore empowering desired audience behavioural outcomes.

Previously David successfully launched the highly acclaimed educational summits called “IBTM Talks” with Reed Travel Exhibitions; these tailor-made events provide insight into the Global Meetings Industry. David was also part of the integral team that launched and managed “Evento Days”, the leading events industry exhibition in Spain, owned and managed by Grupo Eventoplus.

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