Social Media 101: Why? & How?

Social media’s ability to facilitate cost-effective and instant communication presents opportunities for associations. In the digital era, it is inevitable for associations to be active on social media platforms. There are so many options and many options raises many questions. Where to start? How to build a successful social media strategy? Which platforms to choose?

This Boardroom MiniCourse by Bade Kızılaslan provides you with an understanding of why you need social media and then help you discover ways to achieve success.

Bade Kızılaslan is a communication and public relations specialist with experience in associations and news media. She develops communication strategies for associations.  These strategies include social media management, membership engagement, partnerships with peer organisations, managing press relations and organising promotional events. Driven by a passion for communication and storytelling, she founded Pera PR & Communication Consultancy to provide outsourced services to associations. She is currently in charge of communication and events of a Brussels based trade association. 

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