COVID-19 Coronavirus Event Planning Guide by WHO

28th February 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a nine-page document regarding the impact of the coronavirus on meetings. Key recommendations for those planning large events, like being in contact with both local and national public health authorities, for example, and communicating preventative measures to attendees, including respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene, are included.

The document goes deeper into advice for making risk assessments and provides guidance in preparing for the worst — outlining what to do if meeting attendees exhibit symptoms consistent with the virus during the event. Crowd density; the nature of contact between participants, including the layout of meeting venues; whether participants are registered or non-registered, the number of participants coming from COVID-19–affected countries within the previous two weeks are just some of the things mentioned in the document.

You can read more about this guide in the relevant PCMA article and on the WHO website.

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