Daegu Showcases Brain Research Legacy

20th May 2022

The 2019 World Congress of Neuroscience (IBRO 2019), organised in Daegu, South Korea, can now claim its success both during and long after the event. Back in 2019, the conference gathered 4,385 delegates and 125 exhibitors, giving Korea global recognition in the neuroscience research field.

Since then, as a direct result of the event’s success, the Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI) secured a large budget for its Brain Map Establishment and Convergence Challenge Project as well as the addition of the Phase II research wing at the KBRI. Moreover, the government committed to slow the outbreak of dementia by five years and reduce the growth of dementia patients by 50 percent after 2030. The younger generation was also involved in the growth through training programmes for promising young scholars and the International Brain Bee, the neuroscience Olympiad for teenagers.

Mr Sung-tae Kim, Director General of the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau said: “Hosting IBRO 2019 gave Daegu the profile and endorsement as a hub of excellence which is capable of hosting high quality events. It was the first in a succession of business events in the neuroscience sector that the city successfully bid and won. Having this congress under our belt is one of our definitive competitive factors because we went on to secure the 2023 Federation of the Asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies (FAOPS) Congress (estimated 1,000 pax) and the 2026 World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation (estimated 3,000 pax).”

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