Destinations International Starts a European Chapter of Collaboration

31st May 2023

Destinations International (DI), a resource for official destination organizations and convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs), has announced the European Pathfinders Journey Global Challenges Call for Global Collaboration industry brief. 

Launched a year ago, the concept of the Pathfinders program brings together a forward-thinking group of European destination professionals committed to tackling key issues facing destination organizations today.

Issues like digital platforms, sustainable practices, decision making, knowledge sharing, and community development are part of the group’s focus areas.

“The Pathfinders are a diverse group of future-focused leaders across Europe who have a variety of roles within their organizations,” said Don Welsh. “Since our launch in 2022, the group has been focusing on community alignment, destination stewardship and values-based action. Through a collaborative approach, the Pathfinders have identified key areas where DI can support destinations and contribute to a regenerative economy.”

DI’s European engagement is supported by DI’s key partners working together to increase European engagement including MMGY Global, Simpleview, Expedia Group Media Solutions, SearchWide Global and IMEX Group.

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