ESAE Members Go to Luxembourg

14th November 2022

At the end of this week, a delegation of ESAE members will travel to Luxembourg to attend two high-level sessions at the European Convention Centre Luxembourg (ECCL).

In addition to providing opportunities for associations based in Luxembourg to network with their Brussels counterparts, the event is meant to offer some high quality education.

Most of the Friday morning will be dedicated to learning. ‘Strength in Numbers’ is a unique session of the benefits of coalition building, while ‘Membership Engagement’ will take the form of an insightful panel discussion presenting case studies. Speakers and panelists include Ben Hainsworth, CEO of EASL, Paul Walsh, Senior Manager, Membership Services, EBAA, Zhanna Kovalchuk · Executive Director at ESSKA, Wouter Lox, Secretary General at AIJN, among others.

Looking beyond business events, Luxembourg is indeed looking to educate existing and attract new associations to be headquartered there and position the country as a global association hub. “This is the key point of development; commitment is crucial and essential, not only of the associations themselves but also of the people involved within these structures, think tanks, groups. From this intellectual, societal and environmental capital, we try to do everything possible to help the goodwill to be an effective support to the image of our country and our key sectors. At the same time, we are working to organize the destinations and support a very dynamic and innovative ecosystem,” says François Lafont, CEO of Business Events Luxembourg.

“ESAE’s responsibility to bring association executives together is perfectly suited with Luxembourg’s proximity and stature as one of Europe’s main association hubs,” concludes Ioannis Pallas, ESAE Association Manager. “We are very excited that our members from both Brussels and Luxembourg will finally meet, and exchange with each other, in person, an opportunity long overdue since the pandemic. We are looking forward to meeting friends and making new connections that will help make our European associations community stronger. A big thanks to Business Events Luxembourg for inviting us, and for understanding the importance of associations and in-person meetings.”

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