ASAE: Adding Value by Leading with a Global Mindset

31st May 2021
June 3, 2021 Online

Join this ASAE session on Thursday 3 June to learn how to add value by leading with a global mindset and embrace uncertainty, volatility, complexity and multicultural inclusiveness. 

The world is changing at a speed and within a level of global context not experienced before. In 2021, associations increasingly grapple with a virtual borderless world, more international audiences, and a culturally diverse workforce. Increased competition and the need for negotiations hint at the fact of co-existence, the importance of partnerships, and the dividends of shared value development. At the same time, the world is awaiting value and participation in leadership. 

In this new environment, how can we put a proven set of unique leadership attributes to work and create organizations that provide vigilance, vision, clarity, understanding, and agility to staff, members, and stakeholders? 

Topics to be discussed include the relevance and use of the global mindset leadership model in addressing the critical ways associations contribute to society and become an invaluable part of our professional and personal lives in a changing world. 


  • Sylvia Gonner, CAE, Founder & Principal, CultureWiz
  • Sirin Köprücü, Principal, StrategicStraits, Inc.
  • Guilherme Lopes, Executive Director, ISTAT
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