UIA – 18th Round Table Europe 

10th June 2024
November 14 - 15, 2024 Palazzo Degli Affari, Florence

The 2024 UIA Associations Round Table Europe, to be held in Florence on November 14-15, promises a rich program of networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities for international associations. The event will kick off with an opening keynote, followed by a series of panel discussions, case studies, and round table sessions designed to foster collaboration and provide practical insights for running organizations more effectively. Participants will engage in parallel workshops on diverse topics such as sustainability in events, youth engagement in associations, and strategies for expanding outreach and funding.

The program also includes ample opportunities for networking, allowing participants to connect with peers, exchange best practices, and build lasting professional relationships. This year’s event, much like its predecessors, aims to create a dynamic environment where association leaders can openly discuss challenges and explore innovative solutions together​

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