Exhibition World Bahrain and IAPCO Unite to Propel Bahrain into Global Events Spotlight

8th January 2024

Exhibition World Bahrain (EWB), the Middle East’s largest exhibition and convention center, has officially partnered with the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) during the 62nd annual ICCA Congress in Bangkok.

Under this collaboration, EWB gains access to IAPCO’s global network of professional congress organizers (PCOs), knowledge exchange, and training programs, solidifying its position as a leading international venue. In return, IAPCO members benefit from EWB’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The partnership aligns with Bahrain’s tourism strategy (2022-2026) to establish the Kingdom as a dynamic global business events leader.

EWB is now a member of 12 international organizations, including ICCA, UFI, AIPC, PCMA, and IAPCO, marking a significant stride in promoting Bahrain as a premier destination for international events.

Dr. Debbie Kristiansen, the General Manager of EWB, said: “We will work closely with IAPCO to highlight various events and exchange knowledge to lead business events growth, which in turn boosts our core business in organising, planning, and managing local and international events, conventions, exhibitions, congresses and more.”

Ms. Sarah Markey-Hamm, the IAPCO President, stated: “This collaboration not only expands our global network but also presents tremendous opportunities for our members to tap into the rapidly growing business events market in the Middle East. Through this alliance, we look forward to sharing knowledge, promoting professionalism, and bringing training and business opportunities to the region, contributing to the success of Bahrain as a premier destination for international events.”

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