France’s Famous Faces: Florian Lemaitre

1st December 2022

For our France’s Famous Faces Series, Boardroom met with Dr Florian Lemaitre, Professor in Pharmacology at the Rennes University Hospital’s School of Medicine. In the Pharmacology Department, Dr. Lemaitre is responsible for therapeutic drug monitoring, or as we say ‘TDM’ of patients taking immunosuppressive and antiretroviral drugs. He was also instrumental in getting the International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology to Rennes.

Can you briefly introduce the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology?

The IADMCT is a professional society that brings together pharmacologists and toxicologists from all over the world working in hospital or academic biology laboratories. They are drug specialists, doctors, pharmacists or scientists, involved in the individualization of drug treatments.

To put it simply, from a blood sample taken from a patient, we measure the concentrations of drugs in his/her body and suggest adjustments to the dosage in order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatments and to limit the risk of toxicity during their use.

I am both the secretary of the association and the vice-chair of the scientific committee relating to immunosuppressive drugs, the anti-rejection drugs used in organ transplantation.

You help bid for and won the hosting of the International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology to be held in Rennes in 2026: to what extent is this a showcase of Rennes as knowledge hub?

This success puts Rennes on the same level as other major European and international cities that hosted the event in the past. This is actually only the second time that a French city has been selected for the organization of the congress in the last 24 years. Rennes will be able to showcase itself as a major hub for pharmacology and toxicology, but make no mistake, this achievement is due to the fact that all stakeholders at a national level worked hand in hand to get this.

Generally, what’s in it for a destination like Rennes to attract such a high-profile event?

The organization of an international congress in Rennes is a wonderful opportunity to show what the city, and possibly the entire region, can offer. Our fellow pharmacologists and toxicologists from all over the world will be introduced to our strong local scientific network and I’m confident we will initiate or strengthen formal collaborations with other hospitals and universities. The diverse origins of the participants are always the starting point for rich discussions and interactions – only at congresses like this can you do that, and Rennes’ typical local culture will definitely help.

What kind of support has the Rennes Convention Bureau provided?

The teams at the Rennes Convention Bureau and the Couvent des Jacobins Convention Centre provided us with invaluable assistance in preparing our bid application. Their know-how, every step of the way, is undoubtedly an added value. They have brought their wealth of experience regarding our needs in terms of rental space, transport, accommodation and catering, as well as support for other services such as communication and marketing – they also helped us deal with the right PCO. The teams truly act as a partner to us, the local organizing committee, who, in turn, has their hands free to develop the best scientific program possible. Without the help of the Rennes Convention Bureau and the Couvent des Jacobins Convention Centre, we would probably not have been able to win the bid.

More information on Rennes as a congress destination: bureau.congres@destinationrennes.com / rennes-congres.fr / www.centre-congres-rennes.fr

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