Gothenburg Unveils Virtual Site Visits

17th May 2024

Gothenburg is set to revolutionise event planning with an interactive digital tool that allows organisers to virtually tour the city.

This innovative platform, previewed at the IMEX fair in Frankfurt, enables visitors to explore Gothenburg’s attractions, arenas, and hotels with the guidance of a virtual host.

“Those who have been to Gothenburg and are familiar with the destination tend to make decisions more easily and recommend us. We are not as well-known as many of our competitors. Therefore, it is important to showcase what we can offer,” says Fredrik Lundgren, project manager at Gothenburg Convention Bureau.

The visitor guide expands on Gothenburg’s digital twin, a detailed virtual replica of the city, developed with NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform. It includes landmarks, hotels, and facilities like the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers.

Organisers can navigate various hotels, facilities, restaurants, and attractions, choosing different times of day and seasons for their tours.

“We’re taking steps to boost sustainability and accessibility. The IMEX preview offered a glimpse of our guided digital tours,” Lundgren explained.

The project aims for a test version by early 2025 and a full release the following year, enhancing accessibility for all visitors and involving collaboration with multiple partners.

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