IAPCO Examines Wellbeing And Connection of Meeting Professionals

10th April 2023

The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) is conducting a survey among the meetings professionals to add the element of wellbeing and connection to economic impact and meeting design.

Addressing WHO-5 (mental wellbeing), AAQ-2 (psychological flexibility), MAAS (mindfulness) and the IDGs (Inner Development Goals) in this academic study, IAPCO aims to get an understanding of how event organisers feel they are contributing to the greater good through their events. 

Academics, adult mental healthcare practitioners, experts in team dynamics and events industry professionals are offering valuable data which will lead to specific programmes and initiatives for the improvement of the sector.

Martin Boyle, CEO of IAPCO, comments: “I am delighted to see that, in the global meetings population, the individual drivers (Inner Development Goals) to enact the UNSDGs exist, and that Wellbeing scores were, on average, consistently high across all working locations surveyed.”

You can participate in the survey here.

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