ICC Sydney Pioneers First-Ever Legacy Programme

2nd December 2017

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has unveiled a new multi-faceted legacy programme designed to show that conferences can go beyond the spending of dollars, booking of to meeting rooms and hotel accommodation or the riding of taxis. Starting next January, the Australian venue will offer its clients the opportunity to engage with the destination across four streams: Innovators, Generation Next, Aboriginal Australia, and Sustainability.

In an effort to document how a convention centre can make broader economic, academic, business and professional achievements out of the meetings it hosts, ICC Sydney hopes to positively influence the city’s reputation. Each stream will provide clients with an opportunity to connect with locals through dedicated initiatives: delegates and organisers alike will be able to benefit from direct exposure to Sydney’s network of entrepreneurs and startups, foster the next generation of thought leaders via student engagement, work with local Aboriginal corporations, and even measure the ecological impact of events.

Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney, said: “We have already been working collaboratively with a network of partners across the four streams and are thrilled to formalise something that will invigorate our clients’ event programmes, strengthen Sydney’s knowledge economy and support local businesses with tangible commercial benefit. Venues like ICC Sydney can foster and promote the qualities of a destination in a myriad of ways, however, it’s the power of its connections that can lead to true legacy and innovation.”

ICC Sydney’s Legacy Program launch is expected to deepen relationships with leading thinkers and innovators visiting Australia as it, and partner Business Events Sydney, continue to confirm some of the world’s most prestigious events for Sydney.

“We’re proud to be attracting some of the world’s most-highly regarded conferences and events to Sydney, including the likes of CeBIT Australia, Sibos 2018, COSPAR 2020 – dubbed the space Olympics – and the 18th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics (MedInfo 2021). With our new Legacy Program in place, ICC Sydney will be even better placed to support clients and build the city’s reputation as one of the world’s leading event destinations,” Donaghy said.

As we move along our own daily paths, there is always a risk of losing focus on the bigger picture. There is more to a venue’s work than maximizing revenue. All of its activities, including events, should be meaningful and make a lasting impact – and ICC Sydney seems to have understood this like no other.

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