Igniting Innovation & Collaboration with UIA Virtual Roundtables

16th January 2024

In a bid to foster collaboration, spark innovation, and navigate the ever-evolving global landscape, the Union of International Associations (UIA) is set to host the Virtual Round Tables 2024, a series of dynamic sessions bringing together association and non-profit communities from India and the Asia Pacific region.

This unique initiative aims to unlock the full potential of these vibrant markets through four sessions spread across the year, held every three months.

The Virtual Round Tables 2024 offer a unique opportunity for participants to delve into these markets and promise to be a journey of discovery, unlocking the potential of the region, exchanging insights, and connecting with visionaries and thought leaders.

Stakeholders of all sectors will benefit from attending, including government gaining policy insights, non-profits exploring growth avenues, education institutions forging partnerships, corporates accessing markets and talent, destinations promoting locales, and organizers expanding networks for successful events.

Mark your calendars for these engaging sessions:

  1. 27/02/2024: Cybersecurity and Privacy for Nonprofits (Data & Beyond)
  2. 07/05/2024: Design CRS Framework in Line with CSR Policy
  3. 06/08/2024: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion + Belonging
  4. 05/11/2024: Membership Lifecycle: Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention

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