Incredible Impacts Winners 2022

9th September 2022

Innovation, education, creativity, and community improvement were celebrated with the choice of this year’s Incredible Impacts winners. The Incredible Impacts Programme – a joint initiative by the International Congress & Conference Association (ICCA) and BestCities Global Alliance – is awarding the three winners $7500 USD each for future projects. The aim of the program is to inspire other associations to build legacy opportunities through their business events.

The three winners are: the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism for a series of interactive city-wide events  remind people that good brain health equates to good health in general; the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) who sought out five global ambassadors to represent their local communities operating on the front line of water security issues; and the University of the Faroe Islands – Football is Medicine who showcased how football can be used to enhance and enrich the lives of people everywhere.

Lesley Williams, Managing Director, BestCities Global Alliance said: “We are truly inspired by the winners of this year’s Incredible Impacts program, all of whom have demonstrated leadership in advancing positive societal impact. These associations are united by a commitment to transformation and making a difference to peoples’ lives. Their work is an important reminder that meetings have the power to spark dialogue, shift perspectives and achieve systemic change.”

Senthil Gopinath, Chief Executive Officer, ICCA said: “What can we say? Each year the Incredible Impacts Winners surprise, delight, inspire. This year has been an exceptional year, especially as the Associations industry has moved out of pandemic mode and taken our first steps to being together as a collective community in a physical sense. The sheer scope of ambition, integrity and creativity displayed by our winners shows how hard one has to work to cut through and engage effectively with an audience. Our winners certainly cut through and the legacy of what they bring to their own communities and us as a wider audience, will resonate for a very long time.”

Congratulations to the winners.

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