Innovation & Sustainability in Nancy

9th September 2022

Known as the cradle of Art Nouveau, classified by UNESCO for its 18th century centre, Nancy, the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, has a few assets when it comes to hosting association meetings – especially as a sustainable destination, which it is definitely, thanks to some initiatives clearly making it stand out.

Words Remi Deve

Considered by some to be the most Italian town of eastern France, Nancy is known for its famous Place Stanislas, one of the most beautiful royal squares in Europe, with its famous gilded wrought-iron gates. But beyond the old town and its many museums, Nancy quietly cultivates a certain art de vivre, and also demonstrate a sincere commitment to sustainability and the environment.

DESTINATION NANCY, the destination marketing organization of the city, wears four different hats: not only do they organize events at the Prouvé Convention Center and Nancy Exhibition Centre; but they also act as a convention bureau and dedicated tourist office for the whole metropolitan area. As such, they strongly believe that face-to-face meetings should have the minimum carbon footprint and they work closely with the whole stakeholders’ chain to make this possible.

Since 2018, DESTINATION NANCY has been ISO 20121 certified, and they can offer guidance and best practice to help you manage your event sustainably. A pioneer in the sector, Nancy’s CSR approach is more and more a differentiator for association planners. The city now aims to become an international green destination like a handful of its French counterparts, working within the confines of a program launched by France Congrès et Evénements. In fact, Nancy Tourist Office was the first French Tourist Office that was certified ISO 20121 in 2020.

Moreover, DESTINATION NANCY was awarded ‘Sustainable Innovative Destination’ label in 2022, which covers both business and leisure tourism. Its greatest value lies in involving all the local stakeholders (visitors, businesses, residents) in successfully implementing the designated actions and achieving the targets set in the areas of sustainability and innovation.

Initiatives include at Prouvé Convention Center: managing food waste with over four tons of food donated to the Food Bank since 2017, the use of renewable energy thanks to photovoltaic panels on the roof of the venue, and a selection of caterers based on solid sustainability criteria; at Nancy Tourist Office: the promotion of soft mobility (Nancy is a destination where everything can be done walking and where public transport is free on the weekends), the Tourism and Disability label (Nancy is an accessible, inclusive destination), and the showcase of eco-responsible, local and sustainable craftsmanship.

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