Amsterdam: Inspiration & Creativity With a Sustainable Mind

30th May 2023

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has transformed itself into an innovative, service-oriented, and sustainable European capital, making it an ideal destination for conferences and events. The city’s physical and digital connectivity, combined with its thriving economy in sectors such as life sciences, health, technology, artificial intelligence, finance, sustainability, and creative industries, make it an appealing business destination.

Words Vicky Koffa & Remi Deve

Under the tagline ‘Inspiration For Good’, Amsterdam’s advanced knowledge ecosystem, which includes prestigious universities and research centres, is a true inspiration for meetings and conventions aimed at creating a better future. The city has a high concentration of knowledge institutes and spin-off companies with roots in science research, such as the Amsterdam Science Park. It ranked third for highest impact on scientific research worldwide, according to a comparative research report by Elsevier of 20 global destinations.

Amsterdam’s brightest minds have teamed up to find the best way to lead the city into the future in a sustainable way. The city’s forward-thinking mentality of working towards collective solutions for today’s challenges means associations planners can find a wealth of progressive ideas to meet their event’s needs.

Sustainability is a major focus of the city, and it is easily accessible on many levels. The city offers numerous services by high-speed train to London, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, for delegates traveling within Europe, making the trip there fast and sustainable. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol connects over 300 direct global destinations and is only a 15-minute ride to the city centre by public transport.

Once in the city, conference venues, nearby hotels, and restaurants are easily accessible by metro, bus, tram, ferry, bike, and on foot. The city’s compactness facilitates sustainability and reassures participants of greener mobility during an event. Besides green-electricity-generated public transport, the city has more bikes than people, and its efforts on the matter received global recognition as it was ranked 6th for Urban Mobility Readiness and 2nd for Sustainable Mobility in the 2022 Urban Mobility Readiness Index.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology are used as a tool for the development of out-of-the-box event design meant to drive positive impact. On a digital level, Amsterdam boasts a high-speed internet infrastructure, with fast 4G city-wide internet coverage ensuring that delegates are well-connected even when attending a hybrid event or virtual program.

Apart from high rankings in sustainability and connectivity indexes, Amsterdam, whose pro-active Convention Bureau acts as an enabler to bring all stakeholders together for successful events, is a destination of choice for change-making conferences of all sizes and formats. For example, the Bloomberg CityLab 2022 and the World Summit AI 2022 were recently hosted in the city, where delegates witnessed first-hand how the city can support organizations of all kinds and sizes in their efforts to make the world a better place.

These are of course only two examples. However, they highlight the city’s commitment to encouraging stakeholders to collaborate and utilize technology and innovation in finding sustainable solutions for the greater good. This approach is definitely solidifying Amsterdam’s reputation as an ‘Inspiration for Good.’

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