Stronger Together

30th November 2023
Sven Bossu, CEO of AIPC, the international association of convention centres, contends that strategic partnerships enable organizations, even if they’re small, to ‘punch above their weight’.
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New Boardroom Supplement Out: Canada

10th November 2023
Our new supplement explores Canada's commitment to sustainability in the meetings industry, delving into innovative initiatives like ‘Innovate Canada’, highlighting eco-conscious practices in cities across the country.
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EPIC: Harnessing Knowledge in Singapore

6th November 2023
In this edition of our Boardroom Straight Talk series, Boardroom Chief Editor Remi Deve talks to Carlos Lee, Director General of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) and Boardroom Advisory Board Member. 
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Partnerships are a Good Thing… Perhaps.

31st October 2023
What is, sometimes, the problem with partnerships? For ESAE, Zhanna Kovalchuk, Executive Director of the European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy, tells Boardroom a little tale.
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Stronger Together

19th October 2023
Sven Bossu, CEO of AIPC, the international association of convention centres, contends that strategic partnerships enable organizations, even if they’re small, to ‘punch above their weight’.
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Behind the Scene of ICC Sydney’s Success

19th September 2023
In an interview with Boardroom, Geoff Donaghy, ICC Sydney CE0, reviews last year’s performance of the centre and discusses ICC Sydney’s pivotal role in supporting international associations, its sustainability initiatives.
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Driving Success Through Self-Management

18th September 2023
Special Boardroom contributor Ole Petter Anfinsen, Executive Director of EDBAC and DBA Research Associate at Henley Business School, UK, explains why self-management is key to driving performance.
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Elevating Association Leadership

21st August 2023
Canada is home to a comprehensive set of competencies to foster excellence in association leadership, writes Danielle Lamothe, CAE, CTDP, Vice President, Learning and Innovation, Canadian Society of Association Executives.
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Brisbane: A City on the Rise

3rd June 2023
Brisbane is set to take center stage on the global stage in the coming years, with the announcement that it will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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World Class Events With a Positive Impact

5th April 2023
ICC Sydney's commitment to high-class experiences stretches from creating culturally inclusive events to providing accessible services, to reducing the environmental footprint of events while leaving a positive social impact.
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Mastering the Art of Good Governance

21st March 2023
According to Denis McEvoy, AC Forum Secretary General, good governance can seem a daunting prospect; however, ultimately and quite simply, it facilitates the effectiveness and continuity of an association.
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A Tale of Two Governors

21st February 2023
According to Global Association Hubs' Martin Sirk, the potential harm caused by a single “bad governor” with significant influence is often neglected, despite being a leading cause of governance failures.
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The Unspoken Secret to Good Governance

6th February 2023
International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk argues that people rather than processes have by far the greatest impact on outcomes, whichever governance model is used.
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When Respiratory Experts Convene in Seoul

14th December 2022
In November 2022, the 26th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, convene to Seoul gathering 2,000 respiratory experts in the organisation’s first face-to-face international conference in 3 years.
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When Astronauts Convened in Dubai

28th November 2022
Held at Dubai World Trade Centre 25-29 October 2021, the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) was the first in-person IAC since the start of the pandemic.
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Connected in DC

14th November 2022
On the occasion of the first edition of the WIAF, Boardroom Chief Editor Remi Deve discovered the kind of added values D.C. offers associations.
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Bringing Blockchain to the World

3rd November 2022
After a two-year hiatus, the in-person Korea Blockchain Week 2022 returned to Seoul this past August, bringing an impressive number of speakers and foreign attendees despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
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Empower Your Team By Coaching Instead of Directing

18th October 2022
The outdated top-down model of leadership led to employees being more focused on blindly aiming to please rather than thinking for themselves. To get the most out of your team, train them how to succeed by showing you believe in them.
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Alleviating the Financial Burden of Associations

14th October 2022
At the core of association sustainability lie their finances and the way they manage their cash flow. In that regard, the Netherlands have come up with a special Fund designed to reduce the risks they take when they organize events. Project leader Paul Gruijthuijsen and Eric Bakermans, Director Marketing Meetings and Conventions, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, tell Boardroom all about it.
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Setting High Standards for All Industries

10th October 2022
Taiwan is one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. Its expertise and achievements in medical care, technology and sustainability, as well as its established infrastructure and indigenous scenery, make it an attractive destination for international meetings.
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Making it All Happen

7th October 2022
For AC Forum, Cathy Weynants, CEO of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC), reflects on the many ways association CEOs can be empowered. Most of the time, it means involving the organization’s whole team.
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Burnout – The Executive Burnover

29th September 2022
In this first part of a two-article series, special Boardroom contributor Ole Petter Anfinsen, Vice President of EDBAC and DBA Research Associate at Henley Business School, UK, explains what overwhelming stress and pressure can lead to and how it represents an increasing risk in these unprecedented times.
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The Power of Pairing Local Industry With Business Events

26th September 2022
Immersive local experiences, in combination with the Northern Territory’s industry strengths, create a compelling destination proposition for associations wishing to travel ‘down under’ and advance their sector through a business event. Northern Territory Business Events (NTBE), the region’s convention bureau, will be there to help every step of the way.
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The Limits & Limitations of Empowerment

21st September 2022
International Advisor to the Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk explores the very definition of empowerment and how it relates to international associations. But exactly how far are organisations willing to go in this direction?
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Good Intentions Pave The Road To Change

20th September 2022
Building on our last article on Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) – part of our Building Back Better series – this text explores how implementing concrete DEI and environmental action in business events plays a critical role in creating positive societal transformation.
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Three Reasons Strong Intellectual Capital is Crucial for Events

14th September 2022
COVID-19 has changed the meetings industry, and the importance of hosting impactful events has never been higher. With a potential recession on the way, there may be an increased interest in bringing people together, but associations need to capitalize on the right resources and tools in order to make an in-person meeting worthwhile.
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The Practical Impacts of Brexit on Meetings

12th September 2022
For his second contribution to Boardroom, Oumar Counta, Director of the Tax Department at BC&A, a VAT consultancy firm specialized in managing and recovering VAT for association events, explores the impact of Brexit on VAT regulations… and what it means for event professionals.
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Opportunities for & Challenges of Hungary’s Conference Sector

9th September 2022
Hungary has known quite a degree of success in hosting congresses in the past decades, with world-class facilities enticing many associations to choose the country as a conference destination. But its success has created challenges and now it may need to expand its conference industry by adding more capacity to meet demand.
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Disruption Equals Opportunity at ASAE Annual Meeting

7th September 2022
For its first in-person conference since over two years, ASAE chose Nashville as its port city. Full of inspiring keynotes, Learning or Exploration Labs, educational opportunities, networking breaks, along a large exhibition, the Annual Meeting was attended by Boardroom Chief Editor Remi Deve, reporting now.
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A Tough Spirit For A Resilient Transformation

31st August 2022
The virtue of resilience is a lesson the world learned the hard way during the pandemic, but Rotterdam in the Netherlands was no stranger to it. The city that has been rebuilt almost from scratch, knows a little something about hardiness and adaptability and has now set course to fortifying its future.
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Innovation & Sustainability at the Heart of BCEC’s New Menus

19th August 2022
With the return of face-to-face events, the time was right to celebrate the abundance, vibrancy and diversity of Queensland’s fresh produce. Understandably, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has launched its 2022 Menu Planner, which addresses the current issues of food security, sustainability and climate change.
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Key Compliance Updates for Medical Associations

15th August 2022
As COVID-19 has had a big impact on the way medical congresses are organized, medical associations still need to give the utmost attention to Pharma and Medical devices codes, laws and regulations – and compliance in general. In this special contribution to Boardroom, Yana Budel from GCO Global, provides you with the latest updates on this delicate matter.
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The VAT Conundrum of Virtual Events

12th July 2022
For Boardroom, Oumar Counta, Director of the Tax Department at BC&A, a VAT consultancy firm specialized in managing and recovering VAT for association events, tells you what you need to know about VAT when organizing a virtual event, no matter where you’re based.
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How to Engage the Younger Generation: the Case of AIPC

8th July 2022
The AIPC Annual Conference held in Budapest earlier this month was testament to how an association can involve its younger members, when its so-called Future Shapers, divided into two teams of seven young professionals, pitched their solutions to the challenges faced by the convention centre management industry.
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Spearheading Sustainability: Canada’s Countrywide Plan

6th July 2022
When planners are looking to Canada for events, the country has many alluring aspects: exceptional knowledge capital, affordability and accessibility, dynamic urban centres - to mention just a few. The country, however, has long been focused on another facet of events that is likely to attract the attention of those in the industry — sustainability.
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The Goal is to Get Better

1st July 2022
Boardroom Chief Editor Remi Deve reports on a very successful Geneva International Associations Forum earlier this week, the second of its name.
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The French Cities Pioneering the Healthcare Sector

27th June 2022
As the number 1 tourist destination in the world, France often tops the list of conference destinations (it’s ranked third in the most recent ICCA ratings). But throughout the country, various sectors are stepping up and putting France on the map for other reasons, such as healthcare. In fact, the country is the third-largest in Europe in terms of the ICT and pharmaceutical sectors.
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Best Event Practices in Budapest

23rd June 2022
Choosing a destination for your next in-person meeting requires a new set of criteria. The safety and wellbeing of your attendees is the utmost priority nowadays of course, but how do you ensure a destination has top-tier creative meeting solutions? How can you tell the city you choose align with the mission and vision of your organization? In that regard, Budapest, in Hungary, has a few assets up its sleeves.
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The Social Purpose of Associations

20th June 2022
In her latest contribution to Boardroom’s Building Back Better series, Vancouver-based Coro Strandberg reveals additional findings of a recent survey among American associations—and how some of them have made sustainability and ESG part of their mission and operations.
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Canada’s Coast-to-Coast Innovation

14th June 2022
Boasting the world’s largest coastline — and fourth-largest ocean territory — Canada has emerged as a global leader in ocean industries and sciences. Organizations looking to tap into this innovation ecosystem can do so by hosting events in the country.
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How to Add Flexibility to the Workplace

9th June 2022
As part of Boardroom’s special partnership with ESAE, Chiara Gasparotto, Deputy CEO of ESTRO, the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, reflects on the changes the pandemic has brought to the way we work… and the need to embrace and formalize them.
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Back on the Map

7th June 2022
Strengthening its position as a distinctive and competitive destination for the business events industry, Azerbaijan has come back in full swing.
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How to Position Your Association to the Next Level

6th June 2022
For the International Association of Congress Organizers (IAPCO), Barbara Calderwood, Divisional Director Associations & Communities, MCI UK, identifies a few ways that will allow professional societies, non-profits and trade associations to perform better.
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Canada: Back in Business

27th May 2022
As the world eases into the “new normal”, destinations are ensuring that travelers can meet seamlessly and safely in person again. Canada, for instance, has recently changed border restrictions for fully vaccinated visitors and lifted pre-entry testing.
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How to Never Lose Sight

24th May 2022
For AC Forum, Nicole Kaijser; Learning and Programme Officer, European Association for International Education (EAIE), and Wendy Holloway, Director of Events and Systems, International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), review a few ideas to keep your association ahead of the game.
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It’s all About the Membership Experience…

19th May 2022
Sébastien Desmet, Head of Membership at UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, makes the case for growing the organization around those who make it what it is: the members. Today, UITP is in the process of building a people-centric approach, focused on a more personable membership experience.
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A Buzz Over Food for the Planet

18th May 2022
Food produce is not enough to cover the needs of our planet’s ever-increasing population. Scientists dive deep into research for innovative solutions which seem to come from nature itself. Always at the forefront of innovation, Québec City and the Centre des congrès de Québec will become part of the solution through the upcoming International Conference Insects to Feed the World (IFW).
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Just Say STOP!

12th May 2022
International Advisor to the Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk looks at association performance from another perspective: what if it was all about stopping some of the things you do and not chase novelty at all costs?
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Georgia: Geared for Growth

11th May 2022
Boasting a wealth of culture and, more famously, considered the “cradle of wine,” Georgia is an emerging conference destination associations should definitely put on their list.
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A New Convention Centre for Bruges

10th May 2022
If it needs no introduction as a tourist destination, Bruges might be lesser known as a business events destination. With the recent opening of the Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre, this is likely to change in the near future.
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When Stars Align

6th May 2022
For Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak), merely adapting is not enough; the primary goal is to support the hosting of conferences that will have a positive lasting impact on communities. This is fully backed up by governments, at local and national level.
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How to Design a Successful Sustainable Event

29th April 2022
Sustainability has evolved from being perceived as just a buzz word, often considered as an afterthought in business events, to a key factor in how a conference — and city — operates. But how can planners juggle creating a meaningful and memorable meeting that’s sustainable, without compromising on quality or budget? Canada has some of the answers.
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Putting People & Experiences First

25th April 2022
Adelaide, Australia is an innovative destination known for putting people and experiences at the centre of business events. The Adelaide Convention Centre is playing a key role in helping associations planners enrich their conference programs through facilitating valuable connections.
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Hybrid is the Key

14th April 2022
Whether this is with their members, partners or industry in general, it is important for organisations of all kinds to include virtual and hybrid event elements into their long-term strategy. And some destinations and venues are here to help, as is the case with International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).
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The Power of Collaboration… & Conferences

8th April 2022
As in-person conferences are getting on their feet again, Sydney is open for business today perhaps more than ever, thanks to the formidable efforts of a dynamic convention bureau which has put innovation and progressiveness at the forefront of everything they do.
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How Blockchain Can Improve Hybrid Events

5th April 2022
Blockchain technology has gained major momentum in the last few years, triggering the attention of both, government instances and private sector. But how can it help make hybrid events better? This is what Harry Prince, Creative Content Manager at Spacehuntr, explores in this special contribution to Boardroom.
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Resilience & Reinvention in Dubai

22nd March 2022
Now in its third year, the Dubai Association Conference gathered about 180 delegates from 14 countries, including 25 hosted association leaders from outside the Gulf region.
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Support Transforms Conferences into Great Events

14th March 2022
Melbourne, Australia’s events capital, is open and once again ready to impress international associations with its collaborative mindset, safety, and ever-evolving facilities, all under the support of the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB).
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Where is the Roadmap?

11th March 2022
The pandemic disrupted a lot of things, including the typical planning cycle. Mid- to long-term planning did not seem to make any sense over the last 24 months. Has the time come to re-start the planning cycle or have the last two years demonstrated that it is a waste of time?
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An Island of Innovation

10th March 2022
As Singapore moves toward smart nation status, it’s emerging as a leader in digital smart technologies and ICT initiatives with 80 out of the world’s top 100 tech firms boasting operations in the city.
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Creating the Perfect Storm

7th March 2022
For ESAE, Harry White, Property Owners Association Executive & Executive Master in International Association Management Alumni, explains the process associations have to go through to plan strategically.
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Legacy Goals with a Sustainable Mind

3rd March 2022
Always a frontrunner in both legacy and sustainability, Copenhagen CVB demonstrated in practice how the two, applied to conference planning, can make the desired, positive impact on the world.
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How to Target Long-Term Legacy

28th February 2022
As conferences are resuming in person across the globe, some destinations are looking to not only offer a warm welcome to delegates, they’re also developing long-term legacy plans that would have an impact on both the community and society as a whole. A prime example: Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo.
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Québec City Welcomes a Surge of Live Life Science Events

22nd February 2022
With a combination of top-notch scientists, world-class research centres, innovative industries, and a thriving business ecosystem, Québec City is proving to be a hotbed of talent and resources—particularly in the booming life sciences and health technologies sector.
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How Much Data Do You Have On Data?

16th February 2022
What happens when an association grows and data on membership and content increases to the point of being disorganized and losing its value? The European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) put together a knowledge session exactly to throw light on the issue.
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With an Appetite for Quality & Sustainability

4th February 2022
With 50 years of history on its shoulders (anniversary coming up in 2023), CCH – Congress Center Hamburg knows a little something about the secret of organizing a successful conference. Quality in service and infrastructure is just as important as flexibility, sustainable solutions, and constant evolution. And, of course, food.
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Aligning Conferences & Sector Strengths

2nd February 2022
With its spectacular scenery and ancient Aboriginal culture, Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) is where visitors can really enjoy an authentic Australian experience. But it’s also the unique set of knowledge bases and attention to local engagement that makes it an outstanding conference destination.
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The Association Growth Imperative

27th January 2022
Don Neal, Chief Strategy Officer for Smithbucklin, has written, exclusively for Boardroom, an open letter to associations, urging them to find innovative ways that will differentiate them from competition.
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A New Dawn for Boardroom Advisory Board

24th January 2022
Please meet and listen to the new members of Boardroom Advisory Board: Ariane Brusselmans, Director of Conferences at the International AIDS Society, Carlos Lee, Director General of EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, Peter Van Daele, Secretary General of URSI, the International Union of Radio Science, and association advisor and consultant Susan de Bievre.
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Setting a Global Stage at Dubai Association Conference

21st January 2022
The Dubai Association Conference (DAC) is slated for 21 February 2022, and with strong education sessions, inspiring keynotes and plenty of networking opportunities, associations surely won’t be disappointed – and there will definitely be some takeaways for them to implement as soon as they get back to their desk.
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Lessons Learned from Sendai’s Hybrid 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

19th January 2022
Overcoming many challenges, the 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (17WCEE) was at last held on September 27, 2021 at Sendai International Center, a year after it was initially scheduled for. It ended successfully on October 2, with an extended online conference period from September 20 to December 24, leaving conference organizers with positive lessons for future events.
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Creating a Knowledge Capital

13th January 2022
With institutions and innovators across sectors from health and medical to science and engineering, education, business and technology, it’s easy to see why Melbourne has emerged as the knowledge capital and innovation hub of Australia.
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The Innovation Imperative

11th January 2022
With the right tools and mindset, any association is capable of innovating. So why is it that so many struggle to embrace the habits that would allow them to thrive? That is what Mary Byers, CAE and Harrison Coerver, with Sarah Sain, reflect upon in this special contribution to Boardroom.
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Eye on the Future & Beyond

7th January 2022
In celebration of Expo 2020, which is taking place until March 2022, Boardroom was invited last November to witness some of the latest developments taking place that show just how strong of a contender Dubai is to other metropolises.
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What’s Critical for Leaders of Today

22nd December 2021
Natasha Hilliard, Director, Client Solutions, MCI Group Canada Inc., reviews what makes a good leader. In the name of IAPCO, she argues that leadership does require a set of both soft and hard skills.
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Collaboration is Key to Success

20th December 2021
The EU CVB Network, which gathers seven European convention bureaux, have a strong belief in collaboration, and they can help associations make the most of their conferences.
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Building Back Better: How Associations Can Drive Forward Carbon Reduction

16th December 2021
New CSR commitments from both conferences and venues are using events as a way to reduce carbon emissions from both the types of materials used and from the transport that would carry them. As part of Boardroom’s Building Back Better series, we’ll look at how these initiates extend beyond the conference and into communities to lead by example.
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Next-Generation Manufacturing

14th December 2021
Canada is emerging as a world leader in advanced manufacturing, with major research institutions, start-ups, and academic thought leaders providing fuel for dialogue and knowledge exchange through impactful business events held in the country’s advanced manufacturing hubs.
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Associations in the World: Speaking Truth to Power

13th December 2021
As part of the exclusive partnership between Boardroom and the Union of International Associations, Cyril Ritchie, UIA President, argues that associations have a duty to speak the truth: this will lead efficient decision-making and better governance.
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Learn From the Old, Advance With the New

10th December 2021
More than before, convention centres are required to accommodate their clients’ needs of safety, quality, and flexibility. What better example of this than the new CCH – Congress Center Hamburg, which is already open and ready to showcase how it hosts its successful events.
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Three Post-COVID Opportunities for Association Relevance

8th December 2021
In this special Boardroom contribution, Mary Byers, CAE and Harrison Coerver, authors of Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations, make the case for a leaner governance structure, a revised product line offer and a ‘digital first’ mindset.
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A New Journey for Association Leaders Begins Now

6th December 2021
For ESAE, Nicholas Hodac, Director General UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe, reflects on the failures and the accomplishments that association leaders have experienced over the last 18 months, that have created – in fact – the foundations for a stronger leadership skill set.
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To Hybrid or Not To Hybrid: That Is The Question

26th November 2021
If there is anything these unexpectedly challenging times have shown us is that, in our industry, we always have choices. Government restrictions in face-to-face events led to digital ones; but soon the need to meet in person again despite the difficulties led to the elaborate world of hybrid events. ESAE tried to shed light on the matter using – what else? – a hybrid event.
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A Delicate Match-Making

24th November 2021
Nienke van der Malen, CEO & founder of Conferli, argues that a good technology that helps you match your organization’s value and mission with the destination that will host its event is instrumental in making its activities a success.
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Setting the Urban Safety Standards

22nd November 2021
In The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) ranking of safest cities in the world, Copenhagen proudly comes out on top. But what does that mean for Copenhagen as a conference destination, and how does this translate to meeting planners and attendees?
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The Science of Change

19th November 2021
Don Neal, Founder & CEO, 360 Live Media, looks at the concept of change and how associations need to embrace it if they want to be proactive, and not only reactive.
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Innovation Nation

17th November 2021
Canada is attracting business events that promote knowledge sharing and collaborations across institutions, industries and borders. Here’s a look at just some of the reasons that Canada is an event magnet in the technology sector.
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We’re Going to Need a Bigger Dictionary

12th November 2021
International Advisor to the Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk makes the case for associations to adopt new language in order to drive a more imaginative reinvention agenda, and to open up deeper conversations with the destinations that host their conferences.
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The United Nations & Civic Associations

10th November 2021
As part of the exclusive partnership between Boardroom and the Union of International Associations, Cyril Ritchie, UIA President, reviews the nature of Civic Associations and their role towards educating, raising awareness, better informing especially when it comes to the United Nations.
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Simply Reconnected

4th November 2021
Boardroom Chief Editor Remi Deve reports on PCMA Convening EMEA, which was hosted by the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne last month.
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The New World Facing Association Leaders

1st November 2021
Dean A. West, FASAE; President of Association Laboratory Inc., reviews various factors influencing association strategies, and makes the case for organizations worldwide to be particularly nimble and adaptable.
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18 Months Like No Other

22nd October 2021
Boardroom talked to Ronald Lavater, CEO of the International Hospital Federation, as he is approaching the end of his first year at IHF – which was obviously full of challenges… but also opportunities.
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Building Back Better: Associations Advancing the Future

13th October 2021
In the wake of the pandemic, associations are proving that now more than ever, they play an instrumental part in designing the future world we want to live in, one that is better capable of tackling pandemics and providing for populations of all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.
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Capturing Member Voices Amidst the Noises of COVID-19

11th October 2021
For AC Forum, Carola van der Hoeff, COO and Congress Director of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and President Elect of AC Forum, explores the lessons learnt and lessons still to be learnt when it comes to understanding and engaging association members.
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Invigorating Road to Recovery

1st October 2021
Fresh ideas, lasting-legacy meetings and newly built facilities seem to be the main ingredients destinations need to employ when looking to the future. MEET TAIWAN, the island’s convention bureau, is reshaping Taiwan’s meetings industry by taking the lead in all three.
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Registration Is Open for AIME 2024

1st December 2023
The Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME), the premier trade event for the meetings and event industry in the Asia Pacific region, is gearing up for its highly anticipated 2024 edition.
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Wellington: An Open University for All

15th November 2023
Te Pūkenga and Massey University Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa have secured the bid to host the International Council for Open and Distance Education’s (ICDE) 30th World Conference in 2025.
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