Launch of Hangzhou’s First-Ever Online International Roadshow

7th August 2020

This afternoon today, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism is launching the online “Linking Hangzhou” international roadshow, in an effort to enhance the global influence of Hangzhou as a “new economy conference destination”, as the city branding describes it.

While presenting a new chapter of the cosmopolitan metropolis, it also envisions the revival of Hangzhou’s cultural and tourism industries in the post-COVID-19 era. The event leverages live-streaming platforms and online video conferencing technology at home and abroad, and simultaneously promotes Hangzhou’s meetings resources to buyers worldwide for the first time in a while.

This doesn’t only demonstrates the vitality of Hangzhou as a “new economy conference destination,” but also showcases the infinite potential of Hangzhou, a historically and culturally famed city with ever-lasting charm, as it embraces the future. 

On this occasion, 37 Singaporean meeting planners will join Hangzhou-based enterprises in online business negotiations in an endeavor to promote the city’s new image and attract more international conferences.

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