Learn How to Make the Most of Hybrid Events with SQUARE – Brussels

9th March 2022

As destinations are opening up their borders, and conferences are resuming in person across the globe, event professionals agree that the hybrid format is here to stay.  In this regard, SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre has developed a platform “EASY ONLINE MEETING” so that planners can make the most of that future-proof format.

Below are five tips for a successful digital/hybrid event, brought to you by the venue’s experts:

#1 Expand your community with hybrid events

According to a study , 90% of online participants attending a hybrid event would not have participated if the event had solely been face-to-face. Digital technology allows people who don’t have the time, who can’t afford it or who are too far away to travel to be part of the big picture. This technology, simply put, enables you to increase the number of participants and your reach worldwide. On a related noted, it is also much easier to add participants online than on-site because there are no space constraints.

#2 Diversify your sponsorship opportunities

By increasing the size of your audience, you increase your chances of attracting more exhibitors, sponsors and revenue overall. More attendees mean the possibility to increase stand space and sponsorship value and price. Additionally, you can approach relevant sponsors from all over the world who only need a click to be present on your virtual platform and interact with the participants. 

#3 Connect your on-site and virtual attendees

Connect your on-site and virtual attendees using platform add-ons, such as AI matchmaking. Matchmaking tools are a great way to help initiate discussions between your participants through chat boxes or by video. A second useful tool is gamification, like a leaderboard. All this can significantly increase attendee engagement.

 #4 Do not copy/paste your physical event into a digital one

If the in-person events need to be transformed into a 100% digital event, many things must change. Remote participants have a much shorter attention span: the program has to be straightforward with more attendee interaction. Online conferences simply need to be briefer. You need to choose a platform with the right tools to help you keep your attendees focused. 

 #5 Have only one event manager thinking both ways

Having one event manager for the on-site aspects and one for the digital is a common mistake. The event manager must work on both elements; they will know how to best connect them depending on the client’s needs. That’s why SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre has decided to open a team that is wholly dedicated to hybrid and digital events.

The five tips presented above are actually just a starting point. If you feel you need to know more, SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre is organizing its very first “breakfast talks” on the topic “Digitalize your community”.

Send an e-mail to to express your interest and they will contact you soon with some practical information.

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