Legacy At The Core Of Business Events In Sarawak

23rd March 2022

Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) post-pandemic recovery plans for the meetings industry place legacy in the centre of attention. During the recent Tribal Gathering, the first industry gathering event of the year, participants discussed strategies and tactics for business events in 2022.

Eight focus areas were identified for economic recovery, improvement of local industry standards and support to business events organisers. The key areas are: destination branding & marketing, destination development, business development, capacity building, data development & digitalisation, stakeholder collaboration, financial support and good governance.

Sarawak’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, Datuk Sebastian Ting, stated that “the strategic planning combines the aspirations of the local business events and tourism sector, the national agenda for economic impact, the aspirations of BESarawak’s board members and BESarawak’s vision and mission for higher purpose events that bring both economic and legacy impact for Sarawak.”

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