Malaysia’s Venues Call For Reopening

22nd February 2021

The virus pandemic has cost the Malaysian business events industry financial loss as well as a large number of jobs. Evaluating this situation, the Business Events Council Malaysia (BECM) conducted a survey among venues which found that 100% of the venues experienced at least a dramatic 85% decrease in total events resulting in minimum of 75% plunge in overall 2020 revenue compared to the previous year.

BECM Chairman, Alan Pryor, now puts an open request forward towards the Malaysian government to continue supporting the industry by restarting the dialogue on how the two parties can help the country’s recovery plan and how to revive the Business Events (BE) sector.

“As the collective voice of the Malaysia BE industry, we are actively reaching out to the government to maintain a more consistent communication channel to discuss how venues and the industry can help the government rehabilitate the country’s economy. 2020 was a tragic year for the industry and it continues to be so as the industry is unable to operate in line with Government restrictions. With vaccines finally coming within reach, giving way to herd immunity, potentially allowing us to put the uncertainties behind us, the pent up demand for meetings, conferences and business events will supersede the supply,” shared Pryor.

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