#Meet4impact Launch New Legacy & Impact Methodology" data-format="Landing page" data-id="17334" data-link="https://boardroom.global/meet4impact-launch-new-legacy-impact-methodology/">Flanders & #Meet4impact Launch New Legacy & Impact Methodology

29th November 2021

To support associations in developing their legacy vision, VisitFlanders Convention Bureau has launched a initiative with ontreal-based NGO #Meet4Impact.

The northern region of Belgium has been committed to the development of event legacy for several years. The VisitFlanders campaign “Create Tomorrow’s Heritage” and supporting “Meet in Flanders Legacy Guide” have already demonstrated the fundamental principles of legacy, and provides associations with a practical roadmap on how to incorporate this into their planning.

Within this collaboration, VisitFlanders Convention Bureau and #Meet4Impact want to explore how the development of legacy and the measurement of positive impact can be taken to the next level.

A new methodology and a measurement framework will be developed by the partners over the next two years, and pilot projects will be launched by a Legacy Team of dedicated experts at the VisitFlanders Convention Bureau. The new methodology will allow each association to develop a concrete legacy pathway that is directly applicable and measurable and receive support in the full implementation of their initiatives.

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